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Structural Material for Reinstatement

When you need stable foundations – SMR delivers every time.

Meeting all highway repair needs

Backfilling a trench or stabilising a large area – SMR is the solution

road repairs made easy with SMR

Zero failure means zero revisits

When you need reinstatement done right first time – it’s got to be SMR

Reduce your landfill and transport costs

SMR provides on-site stabilisation and reinstatement services

Welcome to SMR (UK)

Founded in 1999, SMR (UK) has developed and delivers one of the leading technologies to stabilise excavated soil; cost effectively transforming it into high quality products that outperform traditional materials such as Type 1 GSB and this can be reused on existing construction sites, therefore negating the need to send material to landfill.

SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution for small excavation reinstatements. When added to excavated spoil, it's transformed in minutes into high quality sub-base replacement - saving time and cost.

For routine utility works and mid-sized projects, SMR Batch-Mix is a ‘drop and collect’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental and cost benefits.

For larger projects, SMR Civil Equipment can be moved to site to provide an in-situ solution – providing greater cost savings and eliminating unnecessary transport of materials to and from site.

25th May 2017

SMR (UK) Ltd and Richardson Recycling hold industry Open Day

SMR (UK) Ltd, the UK's leading soil stabilisation specialists, in partnership with Richardson Recycling, hosted an industry open day to present to the reinstatement and utilities industry the benefits of using 'Structural Material for Reinstatement', better known as SMR. With...
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1st May 2017

SMR Hand-Mix Vs traditional repair method

Across the UK contractors, on a daily basis, undertake a high number of small excavations and utility reinstatements (typically digging a 2m2 hole or below) and this can create 0.6 cubic metres / 1.3 tonnes of spoil but more importantly can be quite costly and require considerable time to complete. Using traditional methods, different work teams are typically responsible for different aspects of a job...
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25th April 2017

New Technical Support Manager appointed

Andy Bareham has just been appointed as the new Technical Support Manager at SMR and will focus on helping clients better understand how the SMR product can be used to ‘recycle’ existing spoil and related waste. As the new Technical...
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Current HUB dealers providing the SMR Batch Mix 'tip & take' service are below and for more details click here

  • Richardson Recycling, Morningthorpe, NR15 2LJ
  • Clancy Plant Lincoln, LN4 1EF
  • Clancy Plant Great Billing, NN3 5HQ
  • Gallagher Recycling, Salford, M50 1DE
  • Gallagher Recycling, Derby, DE21 7RX
  • Doocey N.E, Rutherglen, G73 1LA
  • H.J Bennett, I.O.W, PO36 9AZ
  • Brett Aggregates, Hithermoor, TW19 9AZ


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Production Manager

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Marketing Manager

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