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SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution for small excavation reinstatements. Added to the spoil following excavating, it transforms the material into a high quality sub-base replacement within minutes – increasing efficiency and saving cost.

Ideally suited to small excavation reinstatements, when SMR is mixed with the spoil during following excavation it uses the free moisture present to start a reaction which results in a high quality structural reinstatement material being created. SMR not only dries out and stabilises excess moisture for optimum compaction, it bonds soil particles together increasing its density and strengthens the soil by as much as 600%.

SMR Hand-Mix is available in a range of convenient pack sizes including 10 Kg / 20 kg buckets and 25kg bags. SMR is also available in 300 kg, 500 kg and 1000 Kg Maxi bags. For volume mix, SMR can also be delivered in 30 Tonne tanker loads.

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