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SMR (UK) Ltd commenced production of its award winning SMR (Structural Material for Reinstatement) material in 1999 to meet growing demand for a high quality sub-base replacement solution that transforms excavated spoil into a practical Type 1 GSB product.

The onsite spoil is first analysed and SMR is then added in varying quantities (typically between 2% and 4% of the total volume) depending on the existing moisture content. A reaction then starts which results in a high quality structural reinstatement material being created when compaction is applied. This bonds soil particles together increasing its density and strengthens the soil by as much as 600%; creating a backfill product that results in no block or beam effect.

SMR is available in a range of convenient pack sizes including 10 Kg / 20 kg buckets and 25kg bags. SMR is also available in 300 kg, 500 kg and 1000 Kg Maxi bags and for volume mix, SMR can also be delivered in tanker loads of up to 30 tonnes.