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Many sites across the country have a range of polluting substances present in concentrations above background levels and are therefore categorised as ‘contaminated’ land.

With increasing pressure now being applied to reuse these inner city ‘industrial’ sites or redevelop contaminated rural or semi-rural locations, SMR has developed an effective remedial solution that safely locks the contaminants away; delivering commercial benefits to all parties.

Pollutants can enter the natural environment in a variety of ways and have the potential to cause harm (directly or indirectly) to humans, animals, vegetation or structures. Wind can bring contaminants onto a site as can leaching from drains and groundwater or leaks from pipes and tanks. The land may also have previously been used for mining, heavy engineering or industrial purposes; been used for waste disposal or open burning; or the contamination can be the result of the demolition of buildings that contained materials like asbestos lagging or impregnated brickwork.

While removal of certain materials and spoil from site for disposal elsewhere in landfill is one option, this is often costly; however, SMR can frequently be used to cost effectively remediate most sites, making them safe for construction or reuse.

By initially skimming off the top surface to a depth of around 300mm, SMR product, because of all its inherent stabilisation benefits, can be combined with uncontaminated spoil and used to safely encapsulate the site. This both delivers significant cost savings and ensuring it’s safer for people. It also unlocks land for projects that may previously have been written off as being too expensive or inappropriate to reuse.

Accredited testing houses are also used to analyse samples and ensure that contaminants are securely contained. This is done in addition to the rigorous testing SMR employs as part of its regular operations.

Previous projects where SMR product has been successfully used to encapsulate and stabilise contaminated land include a host of industrial sites, several commercial sites where large storage tanks have been located, immediately around landfill sites plus a number of defence sector sites. The solution has also successfully been used in a number of rural locations where contaminants in the soil have been identified.

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