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SMR UK have 24 years of expertise and offer a wide range of services and products to make sure every project is finished to the highest of standards. Our staff have extensive experience in working with the material, ensuring a highly knowledgeable approach with our clients,

understanding their unique needs and tailoring our solutions to meet their specific requirements. SMR is Appendix A9 approved, fully compliant with SHW industry standards and is a patented product. These proprietary features contribute to its exceptional performance and versatility.

What is SMR?

SMR Stands for

Structural Material for Reinstatement, a cementitious binder that when combined with excavated spoil, creates a compliant capping and backfill material. SMR can be used for both backfill for Reinstatement and Soil Stabilisation.

SMR works by

bonding spoil particles, increasing density and strengthening by up to 600%, when compacted. SMR dries and stabilises excess moisture, ensuring optimum compaction and an impermeable final result.

SMR is a Superior Alternative to Traditional Backfill Methods like Type 1

It enables the re-use of almost 100% of the host material on-site, diverting waste from landfill and eliminating the import of aggregate.

SMR UK Binders can produce the following products:

  • Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBM) as per BS EN 14227
  • Hydraulically Bound Materials as per the Specification for Highways Works vol. 1, 800 series
  • Stabilised capping/fill materials as per the as Specification for Highways Works, Vol.1, 600 series.
  • NFSMR (Non Flowable Structural Material for Reinstatement) and TMF (Treated material for fill) in accordance with the SROH 4th edition

24 years on we are still The Smart Alternative and continue to be Soil Stabilisation Specialists.


Founded in 1999 by Clive Holloway, inventor of our Patented Binders GB 2521115B


SMR UK gained EA and Highway approvals over the years, with SMR being written into the SROH spec


In 2012, SMR had outgrown it’soriginal manufacturing facility andmoved to a larger premises in Caldicot, Wales

November 2015
November 2015

New management took over at the end of 2015


New innovative sustainable products introduced in 2021 that complemented our binders


Factory and plant expansion


SMR UK now have 14 active Hub-sites, a 200% increase since 2015

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SMR UK ComplianceApprovals, Accreditations and Affiliations

SMR is committed to minimising the impact of its activities and those of its customers on the environment and holding appropriate technical accreditation is increasingly important within the environmental sector.

SMR (UK) has a number of Accreditations, Approvals and Affiliates.

We are SROH A9 Approved and affiliated with HAUC, Streetworks UK and Environmental Agencies.

SROH A9 Approval

SMR (UK) has been assessed and approved for the following accreditations:

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