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For routine utility works and mid-sized projects, SMR Batch-Mix is a ‘Tip & Take’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental and cost benefits.

SMR has a rapidly expanding national HUB dealer network which provides the increasingly popular SMR Batch Mix solution.

Simply transport and tip your excavated spoil at your nearest Batch-Mix HUB facility and whilst there collect your SMR recycled reinstatement material. All SMR Batch-Mix products are produced to the WRAP Quality Protocol and meet or exceed the relevant SROH (HAUC) or SHW Vol 1 (800 & 500 series) specifications.

By blending SMR into the processed excavated spoil, customers can achieve high recovery rates as the SMR Batch Mix solution recovers <100% of the spoil, transforming it into high quality products that outperform traditional materials such as Type1 GSB. Traditional recycling facilities typically recover just 40% to 60% of the incoming waste with the balance ending up at landfill. This means landfill costs have to be added to the price of traditional recycled products.

Using SMR Batch-Mix ensures that there is no need for landfill resulting in a cost effective option. SMR Batch Mix will also reduce a company’s carbon footprint as waste tipping and reinstatement material collection is from a single location, removing unnecessary lorry movements to stand alone landfills and quarries.

Click here to find your local SMR Batch-Mix recycling facilities.

Click here to understand all the benefits that SMR delivers.

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