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SMR Binders can be used with all site won materials, apart from Organic materials. ​

  • SMR allows for reduced capping/sub-base layer thickness due to its high performing structure. ​

  • SMR Binders consistently achieves high CBR Strengths of 30% + depending on the process, soil type and mix ratio used.​

  • Once compacted, SMR will cure rapidly and become even stronger and more durable over time.

  • The compacted form of SMR is non-permeable as its created a monolithic structure & thus there would be no leachability though the structural layer.​



  • Reduced import and export of material to and from site by recycling site won material reduces the number of vehicle movements.​

  • Preservation of our landfills.​

  • Reduced CO2 emissions saving on carbon footprint.​

  • Less congestion and disruption to the local community. ​

  • A reduction in programme time.​

  • The requirement for geogrid is removed by using SMR.​

  • SMR Binders are not harmful to soils and our reversable process can restore land to its original PH values and soil properties to allow for re-growth.​

  • Agriculture is unharmed by the intervention of infrastructure.


  • No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off site saving on landfill and aggregate tax​

  • Increased productivity ​

  • Reduced programme time – projects delivered in a timely way saving on costs ​

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