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For projects where large areas of ground material need treatment due to a high moisture content, ground contamination, or where there is the need for areas to be treated and compacted without having to remove material from site, the SMR In-situ or Ex-situ processes both deliver a cost effective solution.

All the necessary equipment and SMR material is moved to the site, increasing processing capacity, reducing project time, recycling what is available, eliminating unnecessary transport of materials and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

In-situ is perfect when large volumes of sub soil need treatment and stabilising in the most economical way possible, but where on-site space may be at a premium and stock piling and treating the sub soil for use at a later time is not an appropriate option. The ground is stabilised and treated using specialised equipment in one continuous movement. For the full scenario click here.


Ex-situ in this instance a mobile screener with mixing capabilities is set up onsite and excavated material can be stock piled and ultimately treated with the SMR additive as and when required for use as a stable back-fill material. For the full scenario click here

Click here to understand all the benefits that SMR delivers when it comes to soil stabilisation

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