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For projects where minimal reinstatement for small excavations and utilities repairs are required, SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution. When added to excavated spoil, it’s transformed in minutes into high quality sub-base replacement – saving time and cost. For the full scenario click here

For routine utility works and mid-sized projects, SMR Batch-Mix is a ‘Tip & Take’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental and cost benefits and SMR has a rapidly expanding national HUB dealer network which provides this service. For the full scenario click here

And for projects where large areas of ground material need treatment, then the necessary equipment and SMR material can be relocated to the site and processed using either the In-situ or Ex-situ methods which are both cost effective solutions.  For the full scenario click here

Click here to understand all the benefits that SMR delivers when stabilising soil.

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