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Industry: Utilities
Our utilities products offer a permanent solution

Product: Batch-Mix
The ultimate solution for routine utility works and mid-sized reinstatement projects

Service: Tip and Take
Excavated spoil can be transported and TIPped at your nearest Batch Mix Hub facility. While you're there, you can TAKE pre-made SMR bath mix material, created from previously recycled spoil. 


This case study highlights SMR's success in the Lockleaze area of Bristol. SMR's innovative "tip and take" service provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional reinstatement methods, resulting in significant cost savings, reduced carbon footprint, and improved material performance.


Daniel Contractors, in collaboration with Bristol Water, faced challenges in disposing of spoil in the Lockleaze, Bristol area due to rising costs and limited landfill options. Traditional spoil disposal methods involved costly landfilling and importing virgin aggregates, contributing to rising costs and environmental concerns. The project aimed to address these issues and find an efficient, sustainable approach to spoil management.


Seeking an eco-friendly solution, they utilized SMR's recycling facility to process spoil into a high-quality backfill product for trench reinstatement, that is a superior alternative to Type 1.
SMR's recycling facility transformed spoil into a  stone compliant product. The "tip and take" approach allowed vehicles to deposit spoil at the facility and collect already processed backfill product, reducing journey times and costs.  This process allows resources to be re-used, rather than scrapped which eliminates the need to import new resources such as aggregate while diverting waste from landfill. By allowing excavated materials to be returned to the economy, we create what's known as a circular economy. This approach outperformed traditional landfill and quarry methods. Between July and November 2011 Daniel Contractors, delivered a total of 2,644.45 tonnes of spoil to the recycling facility (an average of around 525 tonnes a month) .

“Bristol Water is committed to the WRAP Utility Industry Agreement to reduce waste arisings from our excavations to landfill. We carry out over 17000 works in the highway per year and we are very keen to use recycled and stabilised materials such as those supplied by SMR’s Recycling Station to reduce our impact on the environment. We are very proud of the works carried out by our Contractor Daniel and the SMR Recycling Facility at Locklease.” 
- Simon Bennett, Bristol Water’s Street Works Manager


Using SMR's recycling facility required 136 grab lorry journeys, compared to 221 journeys using traditional landfill and quarry methods. These reduced journey distances contributed to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution. Also, the use of processed SMR material proved more cost-effective than combining landfill, virgin aggregate, and associated transport costs. SMR's backfill sub-base product exceeded the performance of typically specified 30% GSB material.

"Trench arisings sent to landfill have high carbon and financial costs compared to recycling excavated materials. Thanks to the local availability of SMR’s Recycling Stations’ product and their support/expertise we have reduced the carbon footprint of our works.”
-Ian Foley, Daniel Partnership Manager on the Bristol Water Contract


the "tip and take" approach to SMR recycling provided numerous benefits:

Environmental Sustainability: The approach aligned with recycling goals and reduced landfill usage, contributing to local authorities' environmental targets.

Efficient Resource Management: Using SMR's recycled backfill eliminated the need for virgin aggregates, thus reducing the impact of mining and transportation.

Financial Savings: The cost savings from reduced landfill taxes, transportation, and material sourcing resulted in financial benefits.

Scalability: The "tip and take" model demonstrated scalability, with a growing number of utility and construction companies adopting the approach.


The SMR "tip and take" recycling facility model showcased in this case study presents a sustainable solution to spoil management, promoting eco-friendliness, cost-efficiency, and improved material performance. This innovative approach offers a practical alternative to traditional landfill and quarry methods, aligning with the industry's goals of reducing environmental impact and achieving recycling targets. 

SMR has already signed a number of HUB dealer partners across the UK and is actively looking to have a batch-mix provider in close proximity to most major cities within five years.

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