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​For large open projects where there is an on-going requirement for stabilisation or sub-base material in large quantities and there is space enough for the stock piling of spoil material onsite, our Ex situ application offers flexibility as well as huge financial advantages. ​

A mobile screener with additional mixing capabilities is set up onsite and the excavated material is screened where all material fractions that are larger than 40mm are removed along with organic material.  The soil is then weighed, blended and treated with our SMR Binder at the desired addition rate, between 1-5% dependent on the recommended ratio determined by tests results and stockpiled until needed, ensuring that enough treated material will be available as and when required. 

Bulk Materials – The Ex-situ process conveniently delivers large regular tonnages of recycled subbase materials on site, as required, on a constant and ongoing basis. ​

Projects delivered in a timely way – Reduced Programme time


Financial Savings – No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off site saving on landfill and aggregate tax.​


Environmental and Social benefits – Significant Reduction in vehicle movements as it eliminates the import of virgin materials and as there is zero waste material going to landfill saving on your Carbon footprint. Less disruption for residents.


Due to SMR Binders not being harmful to the soil, we can restore the soil properties and PH values by our reversal process returning the land to its original state or improved.

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