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SMR Applications: In-Situ Stabilisation
Where: Westergate, Piling Mats
When: March - April 2018


Building work had ceased due to ground conditions being too unstable to commence with vibro piling. There was a lack of good quality crushed material in the region, which  required reviewing traditional methods to create a piling platform which would require a CBR value of at least 30% . There was approximately 10,000m3 of area that required stabilisation. The site visit from SMR (UK) Ltd highlighted the moisture content at 46%.    


After completing a soil analysis which showed a high moisture content, the decision was made to modify the ground prior to stabilising by a single 300mm pass with an SMR modifying Binder, followed by a single pass of SMR Proprietary Binder to a depth of 300mm. The Binder was rotavated into the existing ground before compacted with a 13 ton single drum roller.  

After 48 hours of the curing process, results were showing a minimum CBR value of 30% with an average of 43% after 7 days of curing.  By achieving and exceeding the CBR requirements it enabled our client to proceed with the 54 Ton Vibro piling unit to work safely allowing the building programme to proceed without further delay. 

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