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SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution for small excavation reinstatements. Added to the spoil following excavating, it transforms the material into a high quality sub-base replacement within minutes – increasing efficiency and saving cost.

Ideally suited to small excavation reinstatements, When used in conjunction with our 6mm permanent cold lay wearing course, this method enables a Utility Crew to excavate, repair, backfill, reinstate and complete the job, typically in less than 2 hours. By decreasing occupation of the site from the traditional 3 days, TMS (Traffic Management Supplier) compliance is easily achieved and chapter 8 defects should virtually disappear.

The SMR hand-mix method increases the crews efficiency making them totally self sufficient, providing the maximum cost savings and environmental benefits

SMR Hand-Mix is available in a range of convenient pack sizes including Small and Medium buckets and small bags.

Click here to understand all the benefits that SMR delivers when being used for soil stabilisation

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