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This case study highlights the challenges faced by contractors in small excavations and utilityreinstatements and introduces the innovative SMR solution to address these issues. Bystreamlining the process and introducing SMR Hand-Mix, significant cost savings, reducedproject duration, and environmental benefits can be achieved.


On a daily basis, across the UK, contractors undertake a high number of small excavations andutility reinstatements, typically digging a 2m2+ hole, which can create 0.6 cubic metres / 1.3tonnes of spoil. Traditional methods of handling small excavations and utility reinstatementsinvolve separate work teams, leading to high costs and prolonged project completion times.This multi-step process involves erecting barriers, excavation and repair, waste removal,backfill with virgin material, reinstatement, and barrier removal. These steps accumulatesubstantial expenses and can take several days to complete.

For example, here is a price breakdown for a typical reinstatement project using traditionalmethods;

SMR foot path repairs

1. Crew #1 erects barriers around the identified area needing repair £50*

2. Crew #2 excavates and repairs the utility £90*

3. Crew #3 arrives with grab lorry, removes waste and backfillsexcavation with virgin material £120*

4. Disposal cost for the 1.3 tonnes of spoil £13.50*

5. Purchase cost of virgin type 1 GS £19.80*

6. Crew #4 reinstates the excavation with black-top £120*

7. Cost of asphalt £9*

8. Crew #5 return for barrier removal £50*

*Average cost

The total cost for this reinstatement project would be £470 and could take between three and seven days to complete.


The SMR solution offers a streamlined approach to small excavations and utilityreinstatements. With a single crew and utilizing SMR Hand-Mix, the process is simplified. Thecrew can excavate, repair, backfill with SMR-treated spoil, compact, reinstate using cold lay,and remove barriers in a single day. This solution significantly reduces both costs and projectduration.


The total cost for using traditional methods is typically around £472, taking three to seven daysto complete. In contrast, the SMR solution typically costs £148 based on the purchase of a 25kgbag of SMR Hand-Mix and employing a single crew (£120), and can be finished in under twohours. The simplified process involves a single team completing all aspects of the task,resulting in reduced project duration and less disruption to the local community.


By utilizing SMR-treated spoil for backfill, the amount of material sent to landfill is minimized, orin some cases, eliminated entirely. Additionally, financial savings of over two-thirds of the costcan be achieved by opting for the SMR approach.

Manpower savings: A single team is able to complete the task due to a streamlined processand reduced project duration. This also calls for less disruption to the local community.

Fewer vehicle movements: The number of vehicle movements to and from the site issignificantly reduced resulting in transport savings and environmental benefits.

Minimal material sent to landfill: Because the excavated material is hand mixed on-site, thevolume of material to be removed from site is either minimised or eliminated.

Financial savings: Using SMR could save over two-thirds of time and material costs, whilereaching the same results as traditional methods.


The case study outlines the advantages of adopting theSMR Hand-Mix for small excavations and utilityreinstatements. By simplifying the process, significantcost savings, reduced project duration, andenvironmental benefits can be obtained. The SMRapproach offers an efficient, cost-effective, andenvironmentally responsible alternative to traditionalreinstatement methods.

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