Huge environmental benefits that SMR delivers

Did you know that by using our SMR Stabilisation method it allows you to return the land back to its original state with our reversal process?

Yes it is true! When using our SMR Binder to carry out soil stabilisation, our uniquely blended binders are purposely designed, to be unharmful to soils allowing for the stabilised area to be returned back to its original state using our safe reversable process whilst ensuring the PH values & the Soil properties are returned to its original values to allow for re-growth. By using SMR Binder agriculture is unharmed by the intervention of infrastructure.

To do this the complete SMRUK process has to be followed.

  • Site Investigation

  • Soil samples taken to carry out pre-testing, some examples of testing; OMC, MDD, CBR, TRL447 Sulphate, PSD organic moisture content. With our UKAS Accredited Lab

  • Mix design formulated based on test results.

  • SMR Stabilisation process takes place.

  • Post CBR +/or Plate bearing testing carried out in addition to PH + nutrient level testing.

  • SMR UK to Commence the reversal process.

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