Industry: Civils

For civils industries, we offer a permanent and temporary Soil Stabilisation solution, for projects where large areas of ground material needs treatment, whithout having to remove material from site.

Application: In-situ

With our in-situ application, stabilisation is carried out in one continuous motion,for sub soil that needs to remain onsite to be re-used and treated, when there is no room to stockpile material. 


This case study highlights the successful implementation of SMR’s in-situ soil stabilisation for a CarPark Base. Despite challenging geotechnical properties and a high water table, SMR effectivelyaddressed the issues and achieved exceptional results, while benefiting the project’s budget andenvironmental impact.


The project faced poor geotechnical properties; a high watertable, and the complexities of being located in a floodplain. Therewas also an issue with badgers which caused delays. The client’srequirements included stabilising an area of approximately10,270m2 and achieving a minimum 6% CBR value.


Upon analysing the soil, which displayed a 47% moisture content,a decision was made to modify the ground before stabilization.This involved a single 300mm pass with an SMR modifying Binder,followed by a pass of SMR Proprietary Binder to a depth of300mm. The Binder was rotavated into the existing ground beforecompacted with a 13 ton single drum roller. The stabilized areafeatured a ridge and trough finish to facilitate water dispersionand central drainage points.


We stabilised the area to a ridge and trough finishallowing water to disperse within calculated rate tocentral drainage points over the surface application ofblock paving via perculation system Finished leveltolerances +/- 20mm for our stabilised layer application.

After 48 hours of curing, the stabilized grounddemonstrated CBR values of 6%, which further exceededthe CBR requirement of 12% after 7 days.


Material Efficiency: Reduced muck away and imported stone, minimizing environmentalimpact and vehicle movements.

Budget Savings: Positive effect on the project’s budget due to reduced material andtransportation costs.

Environmental Impact Reduction: Decreased vehicle movements resulted in anenvironmentally favourable outcome.

Client Satisfaction: Successful achievement of project goals led to highly satisfied clients.


Through the effective application of SMR, the challenges posed by poor geotechnicalproperties and a high water table were effectively overcome. The successful implementationnot only met requirements but also yielded budgetary and environmental benefits.

SMR In-Situ Stabilisation
SMR In-Situ Stabilisation
SMR In-Situ Stabilisation
SMR In-Situ Stabilisation

“I am writing to you today in my official capacity as Contract Project Manager and on behalf of my client Oxford City Council, to thank you and your team for your contribution tothe Seacourt Park and Ride extension.

I have worked on this project virtually full time through RIBA Stages 3-5 over the last 2 years and have had to manage a number of engineering challenges to date.

I firmly believe your Technical input in to developing a major engineering solution on a site with known poor geotechnical properties and flood to of been exemplar.

Solving problems for me is the essence of engineering and you met those challenges headon when others would of walked away. Your relentless confidence in your product (SMR)was what ultimately convinced me to try something new against traditional construction and I for one do not regret it. For this reason I would gladly choose to work with you againover many of your competitors.”

-WYG engineering Consultants working on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council

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