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If large open areas of sub-soil need to remain onsite to be re-used, treated and stabilised in the most environmentally and economical way possible, where space is a premium and stock piling is not an option, our in-Situ application is the most appropriate solution.

Our in-situ method allows for spoil to be re-used on site, treated and stabilised with our specialist SMR Binder in a single pass making this an efficient, cost-effective option, significantly reducing programme time and saving clients money. ​

Our dust free spreader spreads the SMR Binder and rotavates it into the existing sub soil, trims, then immediately compacts the material in one continuous movement only requiring a single pass.


Projects delivered in a timely way – Reduced Programme time. One pass application.​


Financial Savings – No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off site saving on landfill and aggregate tax.


Environmental and Social Benefits – Significant Reduction in vehicle movements saving on CO2 emissions.  Less disruption for local community.


Due to SMR Binders not being harmful to the soil, we can restore the soil properties and PH values by our reversal process returning the land to its original state or improved.​

In-Situ Spreading
In-situ rotavating

soil stabilisation

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