Laying Greener Foundations; Our Partnership with Tarmac

The Landscape is Evolving...

Recognizing the evolving landscape, Tarmac, like many companies, acknowledges the need to embrace sustainability.

The shift towards environmental consciousness presents significant opportunities for those prioritizing eco-friendly practices. In alignment with this, Tarmac is introducing sustainable products powered by SMR, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional backfill materials.

How it all started

The foundation of our relationship with Tarmac was laid two years ago when Tarmac’s National Landfill and Recycling Manager sought a more sustainable approach to materials recycling. A conversation between colleagues brought SMR into focus, and Tarmac recognised its potential as a superior material. From that point, our relationship with Tarmac evolved, driven by a mutual commitment to sustainability.

The Importance of our Partnership

SMR provides superior backfill alternatives, revolutionizing eco-friendly reinstatement projects in the utilities industry. The adoption of SMR technologies harness numerous benefits, including diverting waste from landfills, lowering carbon emissions, and subsequently reducing tipping and transport costs, among other advantages.


Tarmac has embraced this sustainable approach by introducing their innovative product, ‘TrenchFill,’ powered by SMR. TrenchFill is a recycling service designed for utility road and footpath reinstatement. Tarmac describes TrenchFill as follows:

“As part of our commitment to more sustainable ways of managing and maintaining Britain’s roads, Tarmac now offers a closed-loop recycling service for excavated arisings.

It utilises a proprietary binder that, when mixed with arisings, harnesses the free moisture from the atmosphere to initiate a reaction, binding it to form a high-quality, structural reinstatement material.

The resulting base material, Tarmac TrenchFill, boasts three times greater strength than traditional methods, promising significant savings across the board.”

Trenchfill in the South East

TrenchFill is now available from Tarmac’s Snodland hub-site, serving the South East of England. It’s making utility projects more efficient, and Tarmac is making it easy for contractors to use.

How does this work?

Tarmac provides a flexible service tailored to meet contractor needs, offering the following options:

Tip Only: Disposal of arisings from reinstatement.

Collect TrenchFill: Collection of TrenchFill for reinstatement.

Tip and Take: Reprocessing of arising and supply of TrenchFill material for closed-loop recycling.

Looking Ahead; Our plans for the upcoming year

Supply expansion

Our goal is to expand Tarmac’s recycling facilities supplying TrenchFill to a nationwide scale. We are actively working on this, so stay tuned on LinkedIn for updates!

A Sneak Peek at Future Products

Tarmac is gearing up to launch a new product powered by SMR, catering to first-time and small utility works. This versatile product will be ideal for:

  • Stabilizing utility poles.
  • Sub-bases for pavement repairs.
  • Construction of fences, retaining walls, and sign posts.
  • Landscaping projects.
  • Meeting the needs of the DIY and builders market.
  • Creating foundations for patios and driveways.
  • Establishing shed bases.

  • Installing fence posts and gates.

This exciting announcement is in the works and will be revealed in the new year.

As we look back on the milestones achieved and the green initiatives embraced, it’s clear that our partnership with Tarmac is not just a collaboration; it’s a meaningful contribution to shaping a more sustainable landscape. The introduction of TrenchFill, driven by SMR, stands as a symbol of Tarmac’s dedication to redefining industry norms and reducing their environmental footprint.


The journey continues, and we invite you to stay connected on LinkedIn for updates on our collective efforts in the coming year.




We express our gratitude to Tarmac for the collaboration. As we eagerly await the unveiling of new initiatives, we remain committed to building a future where sustainability is not just a choice but a shared responsibility. Together, we are crafting a legacy of positive change in the construction industry.


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