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2021 Website Updates

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We haven’t just strengthened the company physically but also digitally. After undergoing a companywide branding update in 2020 that included a brand-new website, we thought it was about time that the website should undergo some much-needed fine tuning. The case studies section was the first update we carried out. We have made it a lot easier to identify & navigate to each case study by improving the landing page. Following on from this we have implemented a new way of titling each case study, so that at a glance it is easy to identify its contents. Since the update, we have received great feedback on the new-look pages & the cognition of them.

We also took this opportunity to update our brochures page, now allowing for the latest version to be viewed online or downloaded for later reading. This in turn has allowed the company to reduce the amount of paper we use a year and it enables us to update the brochures more frequently.

Finally, we have revamped our hub-site page to make it easier to identify which of our locations are in what region within the UK. We have also added a bespoke map that is clear to look at & it has zoom functionality.

As we continue to see organic growth in the company it's great to see how the website & other marketing material evolves in parallel with the rest of the company.

Why not head to now to check it out for yourself & read our latest case studies.

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