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Hand-Mix FAQs.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

How does SMRUK Hand mix differ to the other products on offer?

SMR binders allow a recovery rate of at least 95%. We have hands on staff with years of experience with using the material and full training is provided. All our products are fully compliant and have a fully approved Appendix A9.

Can a job be too small to use hand mix?

No, the product range available consists of 10kg tubs, 20 kg tubs and 25 kg bags allowing for a range of excavation sizes depending on work applications. We recommend that SMR Handmix Binder should not be used on excavations larger than 2 m2.

How long does it take to go hard?

It will remain unbound until suitable compaction is achieved and will continue to cure for up to 28 days. Once suitable compaction has occurred immediate laying of surface materials can take place.

What will happen If I get the ratio wrong?

Full training is provided to remove any issue of incorrect application and customers are provided with a full method statement and checklist.

What weather conditions should I use hand mix?

Avoid freezing conditions as with any Cementitious applications in reinstatement

How long should I mix it for?

Mix until the powder is uniformly present. On average to mix thoroughly should take 2-3 minutes depending on the size of excavation. Full training is provided.

Can I mix it with top soil?

No because its too organic.

How long should I wait before I put cold lay on it?

Once compaction is sufficient, immediate surface application.

Does it stain the floor when mixing?

No, however we suggest a plastic sheet or board adjacent the excavation and turn the binder in whilst excavating. Wash down area after use as per our method statement.

How many people would it take to use hand mix for a re-instatement?

A traditional dig team can carry out the complete Dig/Fit/Backfill /Reinstate/Site clear whilst onsite, removing the need for import of aggregate, grab support and barrier man. Using our recommended Cold Lay Product a small team of 2-3 people can complete a first time permanent reinstatement within 2 hours.

Do I have to mix it with something or can I just use it on its own?

SMR binder should be mixed with excavated spoil. Moisture present in the ground will assist with the hydration process when compacted.

What happens if I get it on my skin?

SMR Binder is classified as an irritant. We advise to wear suitable PPE as described in our method statement whilst mixing in the binder. MSDS sheets are provided.

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