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SMR UK become a holder of the Achieving Level of Chwarae Teg’s Fair Player Award©.

Working with Chwarae Teg, SMR UK were looking to further improve the working environment for all its staff.

Chwarae Teg is a UK based charity working in Wales to support the economic development of women as well as helping businesses and organisations like SMR UK to develop and improve working practices.

By achieving this award it shows SMR UK support equality within the company, giving us the benefit of a balanced workforce. SMR UK has and will continue its journey from where this programme left off as we gained an understanding of how our team feel within their employment, what they believe is working and what we need to improve.

We are proud to announce that SMR UK holds the Achieving Level of Chwarae Teg’s Fair Player Award. Our Managing Director, Clare Stevens worked incredibly hard along Side Chwarae Teg to accomplish this Award.

Chwarae Teg’s passion is to create a working community in Wales where women achieve & prosper. Clare is a great example of this, that’s why it is so important for both Clare & SMR UK to share the same goals as Chwarae Teg.

One of the key elements that became clear whilst completing the award is the importance of creating a workplace that allows not only women to achieve & prosper but for all employees. To enable this to happen it takes commitment, drive & an inclusive approach in everything that we do.

By achieving this award, it can only act as a springboard for SMR UK to further develop and incorporate its fair player practices while continuing to make both our employees & customers experiences be the best it possibly can whilst maintaining its values as an industry leader.

Writers Experience:

My Name is Henry & I’m the marketing executive at SMR UK. I have been a part of the team since January but have been involved with the company for over a year as I previously carried out freelance work for them. 

I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to comment that I have never felt more involved & secure in a company before, especially at this current time as the world is going through a pandemic. I just want to reiterate that SMR UK is not a company that just does these things for a press release or a plaque on the wall, they really implement it & are proud to do so.

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