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SMR UK & Wales 'fire break' lockdown update:

As of Friday the 23rd of October at 6 pm Wales will be entering into a Country-wide “Firebreak” lockdown . As a Welsh based company, this does apply to us. The Welsh government has planned for the short term lockdown to come to an end on the 9th of November when we will resume our normal operational hours.

SMR UK is taking the correct steps to keep all our staff & customers safe during this period & beyond. All our office-based staff will go back to working from home during this period so for anyone that still require our products or have any queries it is ‘business as usual’. Our manufacturing facility will continue to operate but on limited hours in order to facilitate all our customers’ needs both in Wales & the rest of the UK.

Our Manufacturing staff have been briefed & will follow the guidelines set out by the Welsh government whilst they continue to work through this difficult period to maintain the safety and well-being of both themselves and our suppliers.

If anyone has any further queries about SMR UK please don’t hesitate to get in contact via

Please Stay Safe & Well



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