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Things to come in 2021 for SMRUK.

After a challenging year for all, we go into the new year with some exciting news ahead of us.

In 2020 we expanded our team, bringing in a marketing executive who gave our whole digital footprint an overhaul. We also entered into a 5-year contract with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks to be their soil stabiliser supplier.

In 2021 we are happy to announce we will be opening more SMR hub-sites, meaning our product will be available to even more people in more areas around the UK. We will be able go into more detail about who we are working with, in what areas in the new year so please check back for further updates.

In addition, we will be re-investing into the company to expand our production facility & its capabilities. This was always planned for 2021 & looking ahead to our projects in 2021 there isn’t a better time to expand to fulfil demand.

As previously mentioned, we will continue to supply Northern Ireland Electricity Networks with our soil stabiliser throughout 2021, on top of this we will also become the soil stabiliser for other companies that will be working on some large projects next year. Not only will we be working with others, we also plan to grow our services side of the business & work on our own Civils projects around the UK.

As we plan to expand our services side of the business we will also be adding to our products range. This will allow us to offer even further support for our customers as we plan to add bespoke options to our current range to make it even easier to process SMR in 2021.

As we plan for 2021 we look back on what has been a very difficult year for everyone, we want to thank all our staff, collaborators, customers & suppliers for working extra hard this past year.

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