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SMR binders are available in a range of convenient pack sizes including:


  • Small & Medium buckets

  • Small bags

  • Medium and large Maxi bags


For volume mix SMR can also be delivered in tanker loads of up to 30 tonnes to make Structural material for reinstatement.

Ordinary Portland cement conveniently bagged in our large maxi bags and delivered in 30 tonne tanker loads.

HAPAS and BBA approved permanent Cold-lay material.

Mix Options:

SMR has the mix for you. Whether its in-situ or ex-situ whatever the size we have a mix that can work for you for all soil stabilisation projects.


SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution for small excavation reinstatements.


For routine utility works and mid-sized projects, SMR Batch-Mix is a ‘Tip & Take’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental and cost benefits.

Civil Applications

For projects where large areas of ground material need treatment due to a high moisture content, ground contamination, or where there is the need for areas to be treated and compacted without having to remove material from site, the SMR In-situ or Ex-situ processes both deliver a cost effective solution.

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Soil Stabilisation

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