SMR UK Reinstatement Solution

SMR’s Fully Compliant, SROH A9 Approved, Reinstatement Solution offers a superior alternative to traditional backfill methods for utility works. 

For projects where minimal reinstatement for small excavations and utility repairs are required, SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution. When added to excavated spoil, it’s transformed in minutes into high quality sub-base replacement – saving time and cost.

For routine utility works and mid-sized projects, SMR Batch-Mix is the ultimate solution

Batch-Mix is provided through a ‘Tip & Take’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental, and cost benefits. SMR has a rapidly expanding national HUB dealer network which provides this service.





Hand- MixUltimate solution for small excavation reinstatements


  • Alternative backfill materials for small utility reinstatements.
  • Stabilising utility poles.
  • Sub-bases for pavement repairs.
  • Construction of fences, retaining walls, and sign posts.
  • Landscaping projects.
  • Meeting the needs of the DIY and builders market.
  • Creating foundations for patios and driveways.
  • Establishing shed bases.
  • Installing fence posts and gates.

Added to the spoil following excavating, it transforms the material into a high quality sub-base replacement within minutes – increasing efficiency and saving cost.

Ideally suited to small excavation reinstatements, When used in conjunction with our 6mm permanent cold lay wearing course, this method enables a Utility Crew to excavate, repair, backfill, reinstate and complete the job, typically in less than 2 hours. By decreasing occupation of the site from the traditional 3 days, TMS (Traffic Management Supplier) compliance is easily achieved and chapter 8 defects should virtually disappear.

The SMR hand-mix method increases the crews efficiency making them totally self sufficient, providing the maximum cost savings and environmental benefits

SMR Hand-Mix is available in a range of convenient pack sizes.

SMR’s Hand-Mix is a fully compliant, SROH A9 approved material.


Batch-MixFor routine utility works and mid-sized projects

SMR Batch-Mix is a fully compliant, SROH A9 approved, versatile reinstatement material, that can be used in various applications, including:


  • Any position within the surrounding apparatus and/or backfill, either as the entire layer or in combination with other permitted backfill materials, in any proportion, within any reinstatement.
  • As a sub-base within any reinstatement.
  • As a combined sub-base and base within any reinstatement in Road Types 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • As a base within any reinstatement in Road Types 3 & 4.
  • As a combined sub-base and binder course within any reinstatement in footways, footpaths, and cycle tracks.

SMR Batch-Mix is a ‘Tip & Take’ service that provides an unbeatable combination of performance, environmental and cost benefits.

SMR has a rapidly expanding national HUB dealer network which provides the increasingly popular SMR Batch Mix solution.

Simply transport and tip your excavated spoil at your nearest Batch-Mix HUB facility and whilst there collect your SMR recycled reinstatement material. All SMR Batch-Mix products are produced to the WRAP Quality Protocol and meet or exceed the relevant SROH (HAUC) or SHW Vol 1 (800 & 500 series) specifications.

By blending SMR into the processed excavated spoil, customers can achieve high recovery rates as the SMR Batch Mix solution recovers <100% of the spoil, transforming it into high quality products that outperform traditional materials such as Type1 GSB. Traditional recycling facilities typically recover just 40% to 60% of the incoming waste with the balance ending up at landfill. This means landfill costs have to be added to the price of traditional recycled products.

Using SMR Batch-Mix ensures that there is no need for landfill resulting in a cost effective option. SMR Batch Mix will also reduce a company’s carbon footprint as waste tipping and reinstatement material collection is from a single location, removing unnecessary lorry movements to stand alone landfills and quarries.

SMR Downloads

Batch Mix Data sheet

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Performance and Benefits


SMR UK can provide bespoke services for all customer needs and requirements. Contact us to learn more…

Mobile Mixing

  • Yard to Yard campaign Mixing

Testing and Training

  • Full comprehensive UKAS Accredited Lab Testing service and In situ Testing with full reports
  • SMR Production Training and End Use Operative training.

Consultancy Service

  • Waste management compliance, Permit Assistance, HAUC & Local Authority Representation, Material Specification & Guidance

Plant Hire and Sales

  • We offer a range of SMR Mobile Mixers and Hoppers with different outputs suitable for any requirement.
  • We also offer SMR Mobile Mixers for purchase. SMR can adapt existing plant to create a complaint SMR mixing method by adopting portable SR Hoppers to any Screener or Batching Plant.



Hand-mix offers several advantages, including cost savings, improved environmental performance by reducing pollution and social disruption, increased crew efficiency, and the production of fully bonded reinstatements that do not require remedial work. This approach can be a valuable choice for construction projects seeking to optimise their processes and outcomes.

  • No Tipping Charges: By using a hand-mix approach, there are no tipping charges associated with disposing of treated material at landfills, resulting in cost savings.
    No Imported Material Costs: Hand-mixing allows for the use of site-won materials, reducing the need to purchase and transport materials from external sources. This eliminates imported material costs.
  • Reduced Grab Lorry Movements: The absence of grab lorry movements reduces social disruption and pollution in the surrounding area. Fewer vehicle movements can lead to a quieter and less congested construction site, which is generally more favourable for both the workers and the local community.
  • Increased Crew Efficiency: Hand-mixing can make construction crews more self-sufficient, allowing them to prepare and use materials on-site. This can lead to increased crew efficiency and productivity.
  • Zero Failures and Fully Bonded Reinstatement: Using SMR-treated spoil can create fully bonded reinstatements that don’t suffer from failures, in contrast to traditional methods like foam concrete and Type 1. This reduces the need for costly and time-consuming remedial works.
  • Reduced Reinstatement Time: Hand-mixing can lead to a more streamlined and efficient construction process, reducing overall reinstatement time and helping projects stay on schedule.


Batch-mix offers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for landfill tipping and reducing transportation costs. It also contributes to environmental sustainability by lowering carbon emissions and diverting waste from landfills. Additionally, it provides high recovery rates and produces a superior quality product, making it a competitive alternative to traditional recycling methods.

Cost Savings

  • Tipping Costs: Traditional waste disposal methods involve tipping waste materials at landfills, which can be costly. The batch-mix solution eliminates the need to transport materials to landfills and pay tipping fees, leading to direct cost savings.
  • Transport Costs: Reduced lorry movements mean lower transportation costs. Fewer trips to landfills save money on fuel, maintenance, and labour, making it a cost-effective option.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Fewer lorry movements not only save money but also reduce carbon emissions. This is crucial for companies looking to minimise their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Landfill Diversion: By recovering and reusing more than 96% of spoil, the batch-mix solution significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. This helps reduce the environmental impact associated with landfills, such as leachate, methane emissions, and the depletion of landfill space.


  • High Recovery Rates: Achieving recovery rates of over 96% is impressive. It means that a substantial portion of the waste material is being converted into a high-quality product, which can be a valuable resource for construction or other applications.
  • Quality Product: The high-quality product generated by the batch-mix solution outperforms traditional materials like Type 1 GSB, which can lead to improved project outcomes and customer satisfaction.
  • Avoiding Landfill Costs: Traditional recycling facilities typically recover only 40% to 60% of incoming waste. This means that a significant portion of the waste ends up in landfills, incurring additional landfill costs. The batch-mix solution avoids these extra costs by recovering more waste material, reducing the overall cost of recycled products.

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