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SMR Applications: In-Situ Stabilisation
Where: Southampton
When: May 2019


SMR (UK) Ltd were required to carry out soil stabilisation using our innovative SMR Proprietary binder for the construction of individual piling platforms for both Auger piling and Vibro piling. Our clients programme time had been delayed due to the lack of quality crushed material regionally. Our client required SMR to create a platform which would need to achieve a CBR value of 30% plus to hold a 52 ton weight.  


After completing a soil analysis which showed a high

With not wanting to restrict their progress SMR operatives carried out stabilising a Single 300mm layer of SMR Proprietary Binder introduced with the stabilisation drum, then rotavated into the existing ground before compaction. The difficulty with carrying out in-Situ stabilisation on individual platforms was the lack of space to manoeuvre our machines. It was essential for our team to operate precise, plant manoeuvring to enable accurate compaction to ensure that we would achieve the successful CBR results that our client needed in order to complete the programme of works within their required timescale.

After 48 hours of the curing process, the stabilised platforms were achieving CBR results of 30% plus with values increasing over a 7 day curing period. By achieving and exceeding the CBR requirements it enabled our client to proceed with the 54 Ton

Vibro piling unit to work safely allowing the building programme to proceed without further delay.


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