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SMR Applications: SMR Hand-Mix


Across the UK contractors, on a daily basis, undertake a high number of small excavations and utility reinstatements (typically digging a 2m2 hole or below) and this can create 0.6 cubic metres / 1.3 tonnes of spoil but more importantly can be quite costly and require considerable time to complete.


Using traditional methods, different work teams are typically responsible for different aspects of a job and this all contributes to the cost and speed at which a project is completed.

  • Crew #1 erects barriers around the identified area needing repair (£50)

  • Crew #2 excavates and repairs the utility (£90)

  • Crew #3 arrives with grab lorry, removes waste and backfills excavation with virgin material (£120)

  • Disposal cost for the 1.3 tonnes of spoil (£13.50)

  • Purchase cost of virgin type 1 GSB (£19.80)

  • Crew #4 reinstates the excavation with black-top (£120)

  • Cost of asphalt (£9)

  • Crew #5 return for barrier removal (£50)

Total cost is £472.00 and this can take between three and seven days to complete.

The SMR solution

A single crew can be used to complete all aspects of the project in a single day. Using Chapter 8 signage and guarding, they can excavate and complete the repair; then by adding SMR to the spoil backfill the hole using what was excavated but now transformed into a stable and acceptable material. They can also compact and reinstate the surface using a cold lay before removing the barriers and departing.

Total cost of the above is £148 based on £120 for the crew a the balance covering the cost of a 25Kg bag of SMR and the required three bags of cold lay. The total job is also completed in under two hours.


Manpower saving: A single team are able to complete all aspects of the task, dramatically reducing the time required to complete each project. This also means less disruption is caused to the local community where the repair is necessary.

Fewer vehicle movements: The number of separate vehicle visits to the site is significantly reduced resulting in transport savings being achieved.

Minimal material to landfill: Because the excavated material is hand mixed on-site with an appropriate quantity of SMR material that transforms the spoil into compliant reinstatement material the volume of material that has to be removed is minimised or totally removed.

Financial savings: Going the SMR route saves over two-thirds of the cost in time and materials to complete the same result.

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