SMR UK Soil Stabilisation

SMR UK’s Proprietary Binder is the ultimate soil stabilisation solution for both permanent and temporary projects, due to it’s performance, environmental and cost benefits.

Our binder is not harmful to soils and is able to lock-in contaminants, making it suitable for Remediation and our Reversal Process, where we can restore the soils properties and PH values, returning the land to it’s original state, or improved.

For ground that is heavily saturated, our cutting-edge drying agent, DryBind, rapidly extracts excess moisture, preparing the soil for stabilisation.

By using SMR, you can also achieve a polished concrete look with our Reinforced Layer, a cost effective and eco-conscious alternative to a traditional concrete finish. 

Learn more about whether our In-situ or Ex-situ mixing method is most suitable for your project.


In Situ

Ex Situ




In SituIf large open areas of sub-soil need to remain onsite to be re-used, treated and stabilised in the most environmentally and economical way possible.

Where space is a premium and stock piling is not an option, our In-Situ application is the most appropriate solution.

Our fully compliant, SROH A9 approved, in-situ method allows for spoil to be re-used on site, treated and stabilised with our specialist SMR Binder in a single pass making this an efficient, cost-effective option, significantly reducing programme time and saving clients money. ​

Our dust free spreader spreads the SMR Binder and rotavates it into the existing sub soil, trims, then immediately compacts the material in one continuous movement only requiring a single pass.

Projects delivered in a timely way
Reduced Programme time. One pass application.​

Financial Savings
No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off-site, saving on landfill and aggregate tax.

Environmental and Social Benefits
Significant Reduction in vehicle movements, saving on CO2 emissions.  Less disruption for local community.

Due to SMR Binders not being harmful to the soil, we can restore the soil properties and PH values by our reversal process returning the land to its original state or improved.​

Ex Situ For large open projects where there is an on-going requirement for stabilisation or sub-base material in large quantities and there is space enough for the stock piling of spoil material onsite

Our fully compliant, SROH A9 Approved, Ex-situ application offers flexibility as well as huge financial advantages. ​

A mobile screener with additional mixing capabilities is set up onsite and the excavated material is screened where all material fractions that are larger than 40mm are removed along with organic material.  The soil is then weighed, blended and treated with our SMR Binder at the desired addition rate, between 1-5% dependent on the recommended ratio determined by tests results and stockpiled until needed, ensuring that enough treated material will be available as and when required. 

Bulk Materials
The Ex-situ process conveniently delivers large regular tonnages of recycled subbase materials on site, as required, on a constant and ongoing basis. ​

Projects delivered in a timely way
Reduced Programme time

Financial Savings
No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off site saving on landfill and aggregate tax.​

Environmental and Social benefits
Significant Reduction in vehicle movements as it eliminates the import of virgin materials and as there is zero waste material going to landfill saving on your Carbon footprint. Less disruption for residents.

Due to SMR Binders not being harmful to the soil, we can restore the soil properties and PH values by our reversal process returning the land to its original state or improved.

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Mix Data Sheet

Proprietary Binder Data Sheet

Reversal data sheet

SMR Soil Stabilisation Services

SMR UK Soil Stabilisation Contractors

SMR UK are considered a specialist in the soil stabilisation market. We offer a bespoke sub-contracting service to ensure our clients receive the best possible service using the most revolutionary stabilisation methods in the industry today. Our unique and innovative SMR applications offers the most environmentally and cost efficient solution to traditional methods along with lime and cement stabilisation.

As your specialist sub-contractor we can provide you with the complete package that includes site investigation, pre-testing such as OMC, PH Levels, CBR and TRL 447 carried out with our UKAS Accredited lab, formulate mix designs based on the test results, before carrying out the SMR stabilisation process.  Post works testing such as CBR and Plate Bearing tests are carried out providing comprehensive project reports. Additionally, we establish PH and Nutrient levels in preparation for us to carry out our reversible process, to restore the stabilised area back to arable land.  The reversal process can only take place when using the SMR binder for stabilisation.

We offer a range of SMR Mobile Mixers and Hoppers with different outputs suitable for any requirement, for hire or for purchase. SMR can adapt existing plant to create a complaint SMR mixing method by adopting portable SR Hoppers to any Screener or Batching Plant.  

To accompany this we also now have an in-house marketing service that aids in the documentation of our work. This is in the form of both video & photo content that is used to create our video and written case studies.

As a family run business being in the industry for 20 years, we pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable service whilst maintaining complete professionalism at all times.


Our SMR Soil Stabilisation Solution can be used for various applications such as permanent, temporary, remediation, our SMR Reversal Process and as a Reinforced Layer.


  • Footpaths and cycle ways
  • Car Park Bases


  • Haul Roads, tracks and Compounds
  • Piling mats and crane pads
SMR In-Situ Stabilisation


  • SMR encapsulates contaminated soils ie. Heavy Metals, Coal Tar, TPH & PAH, therefore can be used for the treatment of contaminted land

Reversal Process

  • Due to SMR Binders not being harmful to soils, we can restore the soil properties and PH values by our reversal process, returning the land to its original state or improved.

SMR's Reinforced Layer

Our Reinforced Layer, is a cost-effective and eco-conscious alternative to a traditional concrete finish. Our method achieves a polished concrete look.

After the initial curing of the stabilised ground, we apply a layer of recycled Type 1 stone with additional SMR binder. Utilising specialised equipment, we craft a highly durable surface that mimics the strength of concrete. This results in a robust, visually striking finish that is both budget-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Our Reinforced Layer can be easily excavated and recycled using the SMR decommissioning process, ensuring that the material is perfect for reuse, reducing waste without affecting the pH levels of existing spoil.


SMR Soil Stabilisation Benefits

The use of SMR’s Proprietary Binder for Soil Stabilisation offers a wide array of benefits, including cost savings, environmental advantages, improved construction performance, and reduced disruption to local communities. These benefits make SMR Binders a compelling choice for various construction projects.


  • Compatibility with Site Materials: SMR Binders can be used with all site-won materials, except organic materials. This flexibility can reduce the need for external material sourcing and costs.
  • Reduced Layer Thickness: SMR allows for reduced capping and sub-base layer thickness due to its high-performing structure. This can lead to cost savings and a more efficient construction process.

  • High CBR (California Bearing Ratio): SMR Binders consistently achieve high CBR strength, typically over 30%. This indicates strong, stable ground conditions that are suitable for construction. Likewise, SMR can tailor a binder designed to achieve any desired strength.
  • Rapid Curing and Durability: SMR cures rapidly and becomes even stronger and more durable over time, providing long-term stability for construction projects.
  • Reduced Material Transportation: By recycling site-won material, SMR reduces the need for importing and exporting materials to and from the site. This reduces the number of vehicle movements, saving on transportation costs and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Preservation of Landfills: The use of SMR reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills, contributing to the preservation of these valuable resources and minimising their environmental impact.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: SMR’s reduction in material transportation and associated vehicle movements results in lower carbon emissions, helping to reduce the project’s carbon footprint.
  • Less Congestion and Community Disruption: Fewer vehicle movements and a more efficient construction process can lead to reduced congestion and disruption in the local community, which is often a concern in construction projects.
  • Single-Pass Application: SMR’s In-situ method requires only one pass, which can significantly reduce the time required for construction, leading to cost savings and faster project delivery.
  • Reversible Application for Temporary Works: SMR Binders’ unique blend of components allows for a reversible process, making it suitable for temporary works, unlike lime and cement stabilisation.
  • Elimination of Geogrid Requirement: The need for geogrid materials is removed when using SMR Binders, which simplifies construction and reduces costs.
  • Non-Harmful to Soils and Agriculture: SMR Binders are not harmful to soils, and their reversible process can restore land to its original pH values and soil properties, allowing for re-growth and ensuring that agriculture remains unaffected.

  • Reduced Aggregate Import and Export: By avoiding the import of aggregates and the export of materials off-site, SMR Binders save on landfill costs and aggregate taxes.

  • No Environmental Levy Charge: Unlike traditional lime and cement stabilisation methods, SMR Binders do not incur environmental levy charges, resulting in cost savings.

  • Increased Productivity and Reduced Program Time: The use of SMR Binders can lead to increased productivity and reduced program time, ultimately saving on project costs and allowing for timely project delivery.

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