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SMR patented cementitious binder is a truly sustainable solution. By adding SMR binder to the site material, it reuses the existing resources whilst reducing the need for additional aggregate. This, in turn, reduces the number of vehicle movements, reducing CO2 emissions. The product itself is non-toxic and its unique properties can restore soil to its previous state enabling re-growth on brownfield sites. SMR are committed to a circular economy and our products have been designed to reduce waste and environmental impact, reuse and restore natural resources and recycle existing materials into useable products.

Contaminated landMany sites across the country have a range of polluting substances present in concentrations above background levels and are therefore categorised as ‘contaminated’ land.

With increasing pressure now being applied to reuse these inner city ‘industrial’ sites or redevelop ​contaminated rural or semi-rural locations, SMR has developed an effective remedial solution that safely locks the contaminants away; delivering commercial and environmental benefits. ​

While removal of certain materials and spoil from site for disposal elsewhere in landfill is one option, this is ​often costly; however, SMR can frequently be used to cost effectively remediate most sites, making them safe for construction or reuse.​

SMR has proven repeatedly that it can be used to encapsulate contaminants such as Heavy Metals, Asbestos,Coal Tar, Diesel PAH and TPH in contaminated spoil.  This enables the client to re-use the existing contaminated spoil on-site by reducing the leachability of the contaminates in the spoil to safe levels. The contaminated spoil can then be used as a structural material that will outperform traditional sub-base materials.With the small number of non hazardous landfill sites remaining and even fewer hazardous landfills available, the SMR solution cuts out huge transport distances and even larger disposal costs making brownfield projects more cost efficient and environmentally sustainable.



SMR Binders can be used with all site won materials, apart from Organic materials.


  • SMR allows for reduced capping/sub-base layer thickness due to its high performing structure. 
  • SMR Binders consistently achieves high CBR Strengths of 30% + depending on the process, soil type and mix ratio used. 

  • Once compacted, SMR will cure rapidly and become even stronger and more durable over time.
  • The compacted form of SMR is non-permeable as its created a monolithic structure & thus there would be no leachability though the structural layer. 

Social & Environmental

  • Reduced import and export of material to and from site by recycling site won material reduces the number of vehicle movements. 
  • Preservation of our landfills. 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions saving on carbon footprint. 
  • Less congestion and disruption to the local community. 
  • A reduction in programme time. 
  • The requirement for geogrid is removed by using SMR. 
  • SMR Binders are not harmful to soils and our reversable process can restore land to its original PH values and soil properties to allow for re-growth. 

  • Agriculture is unharmed by the intervention of infrastructure.

Cost saving

  • No import of Aggregates and no exporting of material off site saving on landfill and aggregate tax. 
  • Increased productivity. 

  • Reduced programme time – projects delivered in a timely way saving on costs. 

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