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SMR Application: In-Situ Stabilisation 
Where: Peterborough, Cycle & Walk Way
When: April 2019


During the early stages of construction, it became apparent to our client that the existing ground conditions were not as expected, and the route of the footpath was in a water-logged state in its length.  After several failed attempts by our client, they instructed SMR (UK) Ltd as their specialised sub-contractor to modify and stabilise the ground using their innovative SMR Binder as an alternative construction method.  Our client required us to stabilise approximately 3,500 m2 and we were required to achieve a minimum of 50% CBR value to allow access for emergency services around the lake.  


After completing a soil analysis which showed a high moisture content of 45.5 %, the decision was made to modify the ground prior to stabilising by a single 300mm pass with an SMR modifying Binder, followed by a single pass of SMR Proprietary Binder to a depth of 300mm. The Binder was rotavated into the existing ground before compacted with a 13 ton single drum roller. After 48 hours of the curing process the ground was showing CBR values of 40%, after 7 days the stabilised ground was now exceeding the CBR value requirements of 50%.  


By utilising our innovative SMR stabilising method, our client was able to eliminate the import and export of materials to site saving in the region of 250 lorry movements.  This resulted in a saving of around 5500 litres of diesel or 15 tons of CO2 in transport alone. Our client was not only able to deliver the programme efficiently while achieving amazing results but was able to reduce the environmental and ecological impact of the project  .

Structural material for reinstatement.

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