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Terms & conditions for sales of SMR proprietary binder manufactured by SMR (UK) Ltd

Date of Issue: 01/01/2019

Title of all goods supplied remains the property of SMR (UK) Ltd until paid for in full.

Payment terms are normally 30 days Net unless otherwise specified. Should payment terms not be adhered to after 90 days nett, interest charges shall be applied. New customers will have their first order invoiced pro forma and goods will not be delivered until payment is received in full.

Offloading of goods is the responsibility of the customer. SMR (UK) cannot accept liability for damage caused to the goods or any property or persons once the goods have left the SMR factory premises.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT which will be added to all invoices at the prevailing rate.

All prices quoted are exclusive of transport unless otherwise agreed formally between SMR (UK) Ltd and the customer

Product must be stored under cover and in a dry environment.

Product must have been used as per the relevant Method Statement.

If the above conditions are met to the satisfaction of SMR (UK), SMR (UK) will replace, free of charge, any SMR (UK) material proven to be defective due to sub-standard material and/or manufacture. SMR (UK)’s liability is limited to the replacement of the SMR Proprietary Binder material only. Since the use of the SMR Binder material is outside of our direct control, SMR (UK) Ltd does not accept any responsibility for compensation or consequential losses, howsoever caused.

The Customer will assign an official Purchase Order Number to each Order placed with SMR (UK) Ltd. Each party shall use the relevant Purchase Order Number in all subsequent correspondence relating to the Order.

The Customer may at any time prior to despatch of the Products amend but not cancel an Order by written notice to SMR (UK) Ltd. If the Customer amends an Order, its liability to SMR (UK) shall be limited to payment to SMR (UK) of all costs reasonably incurred by SMR (UK) in fulfilling the Order up until the date of receipt of the notice of amendment.

Acceptance of delivery implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

SMR (UK) Ltd accepts no liability for technical assistance tendered by SMR (UK) employees or any other outside agency. On-site materials testing remain the sole responsibility of the Customer.

SMR (UK) Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for the performance of the product as a result of circumstances outside company’s direct control.

The SMR brand is a registered trademark under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and is the sole property of SMR (UK) Ltd

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