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SMR (UK) Ltd supply Binders which have the ability to Modify or Stabilise soil allowing CBR values suitable for sub base and capping layers within new road foundation layers also car park areas, remediation works and railway embankments.

Our service provides consultation with the client to revue existing proposed formation and then to revue alternative options available to reduce muck away and import of Type1 materials or fill material to the site.

Initial site investigation involves on site testing with a Light Weight Deflectometer to determine insitu Bearing Strength. Through the UKAS accredited Laboratory we sample soil to obtain Sulphates within the soil and Compressive strength tests along with Soaked CBR testing. Once a suitable binder is agreed we work with the Lab to reduce formation levels and provide an alternative to the Engineers for agreement.

The next stage is to quantify the volume of material and provide the option of in-situ or ex-situ options of stabilisation. These are carried out by our preferred contractor. The material is then stabilised, compacted and trimmed using the GPS program in the dozer, tested for correct compaction with onsite testing and if selected provide the covering of an emulsion sealer ready for asphalting . The material can also be utilised on bank stabilisation, we have recently completed a soil modification scheme for the MOD with RW Langley at Petersfield.

Our SMR (Structural Material for Reinstatement) is used nationally by utility companies as a direct replacement for Type 1 in the Highways work as within the spec allows reduction of black top in Type 1 and Type 2 Carriage way to 100mm from traditional 320mm and 285mm also reducing from 60mm to 30mm within flexible footway.



On site stabilisation cost for 2% addition rate is approx. £12.50m², 4% £15.50.
Expectations of 1500m² a day.

Traditional muck away is generally £12 a ton inert (pending soil samples) Import Type 1 recycled in the region of £10. You will be able to provide exact costs pending future site locations. Reduction of vehicle movements and reduction in project time adds additional benefit.

Cost saving on any contaminated land sites can be massive due to the ability to lock in Heavy metals, PAH, TPH and Asbestos.

Should you have any queries then please contact us directly for help and advice by calling 01252 710772 / email us at or send us your enquiry by clicking here

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